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Lighting & Fans

Lighting and Fans

Lighting and fan installation services are customer favorites! No other simple addition or change to your property does what indoor, outdoor, security or landscape lighting can. Like lighting, fans are also a big hit. Decorative ceiling fans are both appealing to the eye and a very practical appliance. Read more below about our lighting and fan installation options or call Mancos Electric today with your questions or to schedule an installation. Call (970) 570-9816 for a consultation and quote based on your individual lighting and/or fan requirements.


The right lighting will enhance your enjoyment of your property. Recessed lighting can present a warm environment in an otherwise poorly lit room. Halogen track lighting will facilitate the showcasing of sculptures, wall-hung art and other treasures you want to bring attention to. Interior lighting options are infinite! Outside, a properly lighted driveway plus beautifully illuminated landscaping and trees bring your property features into immediate focus. After the sun fades behind Pikes Peak, professionally installed lighting will cause your neighbors to feel under privileged! Simple additions like lighting add a lifetime of pleasure to your property.

Lighting can also serve to protect your property through the use of flood lighting and filling in dark hiding spots with infrared motion detector lights that only turn on when a person is near. Dusk to dawn lighting using photovoltaic cells can provide a carefree way to light areas throughout the evening hours and automatically shut off at daybreak. The possibilities are endless with lighting. Interior, exterior, security and landscape lighting options. Whatever choice you make, Mancos Electric will be here to assist with your unique selection and installation requirements. Call us today for help with options or to schedule award-winning installation service. Call (970) 570-9816 today.


Attic fans, whole house fans, bathroom ventilation fans and custom ventilation systems like hobby shops, wood working areas, etc. are what Mancos Electric can safely and expertly install for you based on your individual fan and ventilation needs.


Ceiling Fan Installation Services

When you are ready to add a ceiling fan or replace the light fixture with a fan/light combo... 

Call Mancos Electric - your ceiling fan installation experts! 

We offer safe, honest and reliable ceiling fan service and installation. Each ceiling fan we install will add aesthetic value and quality of life characteristics to your interior. Apart from the visually appealing aspects of adding a ceiling fan, they are a are practical appliance. The practicality is realized in the seasonal settings - a summer and winter switch located on the base of the ceiling fan housing. The summer setting draws cooler air in the room up to provide you the benefit of lowering room temperatures by re-circulating the cooler air that settles near the floor. The winter setting forces the higher temperature air that rises to the ceiling down into the lower portions of the room. This facilitates maximum use and economy of your heating system.

Mancos Electric ceiling fan installations typically include:

- Verifying the installation location and special considerations (switches/dimmers, etc) with you.
- Preparing the work area to protect your property and its contents from damage.
- Validate the circuit breaker and ceiling mount is the correct type and size for the ceiling fan unit installation.
- Remove any existing fan or light fixture at no extra charge.
- Check the electrical mounting box/wiring to verify compliance with local  and National Electrical Code.
- Assemble and install the new ceiling fan.
- Ensure power to circuit is back on.
- Test the fan, switches, remote control unit (when needed) and balance the fan blades (when needed).
- Depart the work area and your property leaving it just as clean or cleaner than when we arrived.

Call today for a ceiling fan installation quote. (970) 570-9816

Ask about our Military, Senior and BBB Business partner discounts!

Attic - Whole House Fans

Mancos Electric installs and services the electrical connections on gable mounted attic and whole house exhaust fans. We also hard-wire floor mounted attic - whole house exhaust fans that are placed on your attic floor just above the outside vents (seen on the outside of your home's structure). Gable mounted fans are generally more expensive but last longer and require much less maintenance.

Floor mounted fans are the most common fan because some home owners can perform the work themselves Installation is usually not difficult and takes just a little construction skill and knowledge to complete. Because climbing in you attic takes some amount of dexterity, floor mounted fans should be done with the help of another person passing tools, helping put light on the work area and keeping you company! 

Gable mounted attic - whole house fans, call for the homeowner to scale ladders to reach the gable . and saw through the outside wall of the attic to install another louver above or beside the existing opening. The height of the installation should be close to your gable's apex to ensure true whole house ventilation. Gable mounted attic - whole house fans are less noisy because the fan is further away and off of the attic floor (think vibration!).  Gable mounted attic and whole house fans are less restrictive because the fan exhaust hole is cut to the size of the fan. They are also more efficient than floor mounted attic - whole house fans. Either choice will help you cool and circulate the air in your house by drawing air from the lowest room up through and out your attic.


To ensure you purchase the most efficient attic - attic - whole house fan for your property, go for the ideal air exchange of 3 minutes. This means all air in your house is replaced each 3 minutes your fan is on.

To do this, calculate the total volume (in cubic feet) of each room you plan to ventilate. This is done according to each room's size (length x width x ceiling height). Example: a 10x10 room with a 9 Ft. ceiling would be 900 cubic feet. Add up each room's volume (do not forget staircases and hallways) and divide by 3 to ensure the fan will exchange air every three minutes.

To ensure your attic will allow the volume of air to move outside, use the original number of cubic feet in the first calculation and divide by 750 to arrive at the most efficient attic vent area - or right below seven sq. ft. Next, measure the size of your attic vents. If you have two 3ft x 3ft gable vents, you have a total of 9 feet of venting. Deduct 25% of vent area for every screened vent.

Once you have your new fan purchased and ready for the electrical connection to be made, call a licensed electrical contractor to help complete your project!

Safety and Health Notes: Suffer from Allergies? Gable mounted attic and whole house fans can increase the amount of pollutants like dust, allergens/pollen that enter your home. Because this type of fan draws air through the house in a vacuum type fashion, these pollutants "draw" in from outside through open windows and doors. Other safety consideration is to be careful not to locate fan opening where chimney or wood stove emissions may enter the attic. Carbon Monoxide detectors should be installed on each floor of the home to alert you of existing CO2 dangers.


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