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Basement Finishes: Electrical Ideas, Tips and Future Needs Planning

When it's time to finish the basement and increase the value and the floor space in your home, Mancos Electric is your Colorado Springs, Colorado electrical contractor of choice. Mancos Electric is fully capable of providing a complete custom wiring solution to meet your exact basement finish requirements. We can also wire your new living space to meet the minimum National Electrical Code and Pikes Peak Regional Building Department requirements. Meeting minimum code requirements will ensure your home is certified for resale at the new square footage. Either option, you will receive award-winning quality and one of best warranties on all Mancos Electric installed parts and labor - two-years and fully transferable!

Customization of lighting, a kitchenette, laundry room and the addition of ceiling fans, home theater/ telephone/TV cabling will facilitate your full use and utility of your home's lower-level. In fact, you will not want to refer to it as "the basement" after you see the fantastic transformation we are able to make!

You may This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.ontact Mancos Electric with your floor plan and we can provide you a fast quote (usually within 24 hours) for the electrical rough-in and finish portions of your basement electrical finish project.

Helpful tips to consider when planning your electrical basement layout:

Recessed Lighting provides an attractive element to rooms. Combined with dimmers, recessed lighting gives any room a warm feeling. Recessed lights are also used as point lighting, i.e., to light a specific wall, above basement wet bars, kitchenettes or objects like sculptures and paintings. Home theater rooms are also great candidates for recessed lights when used in combination with dimmer switches.

The drawbacks to recessed lighting is the limited area they light and they consume large amounts of electricity when used to light entire rooms because you must place them close together for the desired effect. What one or two normal ceiling fixtures will do can take three to four times the number of recessed lights for the same area.

The practical reality of basement ceilings and their sometimes limited height can make recessed lighting the only real solution to lighting up the room. For hallways with low ceilings , consider using wall sconces for lighting to reduce energy consumption. These areas do not normally need to be illuminated all the time. One wall sconce will project light out, down to the floor and up to the ceiling. Sconces add a custom touch and offer a great - and economical - alternative to several recessed lights needed in hallways.

If you do wish to use recessed lighting for area (whole room) lighting, plan your layout where each light is approximately six to eight feet apart - spaced evenly. Reduce the distance when using smaller (3-4 inch) recessed lights. For lighting walls or objects, be sure to plan the desired room layout and also think about an alternative room configuration if you chose to move furniture and other items around in the future. You will want an additional light or pre positioned wiring (with a cover for access) placed in the alternate location to avoid calling an electrician back. It is much easier and less costly for you to put all of your lighting options in prior to the ceiling installation than to retrofit additional lights after the final construction is completed.

Bedrooms - The National Electrical Code requires at least one wall switch controlling an electrical outlet. This facilitates plugging in a light that will illuminate the bedroom upon entry. From there, you may wish to have the switch turn on a ceiling mounted light fixture or a combination ceiling fan/light. Recessed lighting is also an option if you wish to retain a custom finished look. 

Bedrooms also must contain a ceiling mounted hard-wired fire/smoke detector.

If you plan on connecting a bathroom to a bedroom, consider the quality and noise level of the bathroom fan. To avoid being awaken in the middle of the night by a bathroom ventilation fan that produces high noise levels, choose a super silent model. Most home improvement stores have their ventilation fans on display with test buttons to activate the motors and compare noise levels.

Bathrooms - If the vanity light will not illuminate the bath/shower area sufficiently, a special recessed and covered light can be added directly above the bathing area. Although a bathroom fan and outside ventilation is part of the mechanical requirement, it is also an electrical inspection item. You may wish to to have a combination light/fan installed or choose a practical and simple fan that gets the job done. As discussed in the previous paragraph, there is a wide array of options but, keep in mind the more moisture you can move out of the bathroom, the longer your paint and drywall will withstand years of exposure. Even moisture resistant "green board" drywall eventually succumbs to excessive humidity. Choose a fan that moves air at a sufficient rate to protect your new addition!

Home Offices - When planning power, data and lighting requirements for a new home office ensure you allow for ample telephone and computer connecting points. A combination cable or satellite TV, Telephone and Computer receptacle is suggested on at least two walls to allow for fax machine operation and future reconfiguration of the office layout. Ensure lighting is located where your workspace(s) will be sufficiently illuminated to help you stay productive. Additional electrical outlets may be needed to accommodate other office equipment power supplies. If you are concerned the integrity of computer data, ask your electrician about the installation of a dedicated circuit to power your computer. This "clean power" circuit ensures no other equipment, devices or lights will draw power from the dedicated line and stabilize the electricity delivered to your system. There are power conditioning devices that can be plugged into an ordinary electrical outlet and provide stable power to sensitive equipment but, usually cost more than simply running a dedicated circuit during the rough-in phase of your basement finish

Future Use Electrical Wiring - Most softer overlooked and more expensive to install after the framing is stuffed with insulation and the walls are covered. Consider having your Mancos Electric electrician run the necessary wiring for a future hot tub hook-up and/or central air conditioning unit to have it there should you ever choose to add these items to your home. Many of these add-ons (hot tubs, etc.) are located at the rear of the property at ground level. The most direct path from your electrical service panel to where they are positioned is normally through the basement. Getting the wires placed in the walls at the electrical rough-in stage is the most efficient way to take care of future needs. Future wiring should also be considered for electrical connections to additional outdoor lighting, backyard landscape lighting, water ponds and water fountains.

Home Theater - Get the most out of your additional living space by planning and adding a professionally wired home theater system. Ask your electrician to install in-wall speaker wires, component wiring and cable or satellite TV cabling at the nearest point where your systems speakers, television and component will be located. This will provide a super-clean, customized look and finish you, your family and friends will admire and enjoy! You can also achieve a sleek and clutter free 

room by placing all of your audio/visual equipment in a closet or storage space leaving only the TV and speakers visible in the room. Call Mancos Electric at 970-570-9816 to learn more about this type of configuration.

TV, Telephone and Computer/Network Cabling - Be sure to include any of these special wiring needs in your planning. 

Additions & RemodelsA common misconception is the telephone company, cable or satellite TV service and Internet provider need called in to install all of the wiring and connections to meet your specific needs. In fact, an electrician is trained and completely equipped to install all of your telephone, TV and data communications requirements. Call 970-570-9816 and ask Mancos Electric do the installation!

Other Electrical Basement Finish Planning Considerations - Call Mancos Electric at 970-570-9816 to discuss any special electrical needs you have questions about.

Remodeling bathrooms, a kitchen or completely adding new rooms can help add to the value, enjoyment, aesthetics of your property. Mancos Electric stands ready to turn your plans into reality with updated lighting locations, installation of ceiling fans and the complete wiring of your new addition or garage conversion. We can also help with your out building power needs, workshop electrical load requirements and just about everything else when you are ready to revive, rebuild or add to your home and property. Call today and let's discuss your needs - 970-570-9816

  • Kitchens - lighting, hood fans, microwave circuits, stove outlets, dishwasher/disposal connections, etc.
  • Bathrooms - vanity lights and ventilation fans, shower and bath lights, heated floor elements, etc.
  • New additions - complete wiring, lighting, ceiling fans, data/TV/telephone outlets, baseboard heaters, etc
  • Outbuildings/Barns - power, lighting and other electrical equipment connection needs, etc.
  • Garage conversions - outlets, switches, lighting, ceiling fans, smoke/fire detectors, TV/telephone, etc.
  • Much more, just call Mancos Electric today at 970-570-9816


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