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Tenant Electrical Services

Tenant Electrical Services


Commercial and residential building tenants requesting electrical service and repair work is never a problem. Keep in mind, Mancos Electric must have express permission from the property owner prior to all electrical work performed at the property address. We work with tenants, property managers and owners daily and welcome your business. Please read the instructions below to ensure your requested electrical work is a smooth process.

How to Request Electrical Service for Property Tenants

Prior to calling Mancos Electric  and requesting an estimate or to schedule electrical service, please do the following first:

  • Contact the property owner, building manger, leasing office, HOA, or the authorized "agent"
  • Inform them you wish to have electrical service work performed at your location
  • Obtain permission- if not in lease agreement - in writing or have the owner/agent call our office
  • Verify with the owner/agent who will be invoiced for the electrical work to avoid confusion later
  • Call  Mancos Electric  to request service if the owner/agent has not done so
  • We will provide a date/time to perform the requested work and then do the job as requested
  • Invoice collection will be as specified by owner/agent or as specified in your lease agreement

    NOTE: The property owner is ultimately responsible for full payment on all completed electrical service work. Keep this in mind and communicate with the owner/agent whenever you make changes to the original work order. 
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